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The ROOTS development, located in Stampriet, offers community-based living with a sustainable future. This agricultural village is based on a unique model which combines intensive farming of livestock and permanent crops with an agricultural college for education in food security, a retirement village, a lifestyle village and various business opportunities. The Roots Development is based on the new concept of agricultural towns that first create a mini economy in the agricultural town, and then grows exponentially until it exports products on to the international market.


• Intensive Livestock
• Irrigation Permanent Crops
• Pecan Nuts
• Apples
• Raisins

Roots Namibia Farm
Welcome to Roots Farm Namibia
Roots Farm in Namibia Stampriet
Welcome to Roots Farm in Stampriet Namibia


• Multiversity : Faculty of Agriculture
• A satellite campus in Stampriet
• Practical training on commercial farm
• Opening its doors in 2023

Retirement Village

• Exclusive use yard
• Services included
• Electrical connection point
• Water connection point
• Sewer connection
• Surfaced roads

We do

Enjoy the country side

A township development creating a platform for integration between agriculture, education and other supporting business needs in a balanced lifestyle environment.
The Location
• Stampriet – 64 km north-east from Mariental
• Tarred road up to the development


Rural & General Residential Plots
• Optional house plans to choose from
• Uniform architectural style
• Services supplied
• Electrical connection point
• Water connection point
• Homeowners Association


The surroundings

Each plot will be approximately 10 hectares in size and includes the following to give training and experience on different types of agriculture, namely; permanent crops, cash crops and livestock: