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The ROOTS DEVELOPMENT also boasts the new concept of 62 Agricultural Empowerment plots. In conjunction with the ROOTS COLLEGE, young and upcoming farmers will be trained to farm more intensively and sustainably. This is the future of Agriculture in Namibia! Our objectives are aligned with the Vision 2030 of Namibia, as well as the Harambee Prosperity Plan, encouraging us to transform and enhance the lives of Namibians through agriculture and education.

Welcome to Roots Farm Namibia

Each plot will be approximately 10 hectares in size, and plot owners have the option to add the following infrastructure to give training and experience in different types of agriculture, namely; permanent crops, cash crops and livestock.

1.  A newly-built farmhouse:
An upgradable one-bedroom house, with one bathroom, a living area and a storeroom. This house can be extended at a later stage, as the need arises.

2. Broiler House
A Broiler House to house up to 3600 broiler chickens. Day old chicks are raised in 36 day cycles. The Developer provides an off-take for the broiler chickens. An on site abattoir has been established.

3. Permanent Crops/Trees
Permanent crops in the form of blueberries are included in the purchase price. The crop to be established will be agreed with the developer to align with off-take agreements at the time of the investment.

4. Greenhouse
One 500m2 (Five Hundred Square Metre) greenhouse with irrigation will be erected on each plot. The type of crop may vary, and is decided between the owner and developer based on the market requirement and off-take opportunities at the time of investment.

5. Water connection to 20,000 L tanks as well as pump
The Developer shall provide the 20,000L (2 x 10,000L) water tanks, the tank stand, a water pump and also connect the water to the tanks.

6. Solar Power System
A solar system, including solar panels and inverter and solar batteries, will be supplied.



Optional add-ons
  • Water Tank
  • Solar
  • One Bedroom House
  • Chicken Coop
  • Permanent Crops
  • Green House