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The Roots Development is based on the new concept of agricultural towns that first create a mini economy in the agricultural town, and then grows exponentially until it exports products on to the international market. The greater vision is to roll out this model, and to establish an agricultural town in each one of the 14 regions of Namibia. These towns will empower the youth that want to partake in the formal agricultural sector through either becoming an entrepreneur who creates jobs, or by being employed as a well-educated and knowledgeable employee.

We will initially start selling the blueberries on the local Market and start exporting at a later stage.

The project was established on 10 hectares of land in a single phase in 2018.

• The new Afri-Range of low chill requirement apple is licensed by Culdevco (Pty) Ltd and has been specifically developed for areas with higher average winter temperatures.

• This is the first-ever commercial apple orchard in the history of Namibia. Being a net importer of apples, Namibia imports 8000 tons of apples per year.

• We also aim to establish 100ha of vineyards for table grapes and raisins, where we will also construct an export standard washing plant for the raisins to be cleaned and packed for export.

• Table grapes will constitute about 15ha for the local market. The first vineyard is already established.

Roots Farm Stampriet Namibia

• We have established 10ha of mixed citrus comprised of limes, lemons, oranges and naartjies.

• All our citrus produce will target the local market. This will serve as a training block for a bigger project of 1 000ha of mixed citrus in the North, with the technical partner San Miguel from Argentina.

• State of the art chicken slaughter facility was established.

• Producing broiler chickens from day old chicks.

• An environmentally controlled broiler house houses the chickens.

• Capacity for 5000 chickens per coop.

• Slaughter 7 tons per coop per cycle. 

Roots Farm Stampriet Namibia Poultry

• The project entails the establishment of three lamb production units, each hosting up to 2,000 ewes on a plot of 50 hectares.

• The intensive farming cycle has been developed to host the maximum number of sheep per hectare in a safe, balanced feeding system for optimum lamb production. Several strategic partners have been involved during the establishment of the first operating unit.

• Konsortium Merino ewes have been selected as this specific breed which offers the optimum balance between the production of wool and meat with a very good lambing percentage

Roots Farm Stampriet Namibia

• On the livestock front we will be adding 500 sow piggery facility. This will be done in conjunction with one of the biggest pork producers in South Africa.

• Namibia still imports more than 40% of all its pork requirements and we see it as a big opportunity to be exploited

Future Products

In the near future, farmers will also be able to add and farm with the following products on their plots:
  • Mushrooms
  • Gooseberries
  • Rabbits
  • Crocodiles
  • Egg production
  • Cat fish
  • Herbs
  • Moringa
  • Flowers
  • Charcoal